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Welcome to where we are displaying some of the most extraordinary archaeological discoveries on the North American continent.  We are here to present the evidence of ancient artifacts and possible origins ......not to ignore them.

 These artifacts are controversial among archaeologists and views range widely. Unfortunately, many archaeologists are afraid to theorize publicly about unusual & out-of-place artifacts due to potential ridicule among their peers. Micro-art is commonly overlooked but shouldn't be when exploring ancient rock art. Macro-Digital photographs/scanning can often reveal "hidden" effigies not seen typically by the naked eye.



 Stone artifact with writing -  Semitic (Phoenician) writing..... in America?  Is this evidence that Carthaginians were in the Americas?


Footprint Idol with hominid effigies - This amazing stone artifact of the ages is about the size of a large clenched fist and is a river rock. It has a unique primitive facial figure (gorilla shaped pointed head) on one side of the rock and a footprint with an extraordinary facial figure that has an additional hominoidal figures and a handprint on its forehead and face. Other figures wearing a  bird (raven?) helmet or headress and carrying a shield also appears. Could this artifact be Bigfoot legend related? Is it proof that the celts were in North America? It appears to be rock art describing a series of events, people and creatures.


Stone Serpent Idol - 500 lb. stone coiled snake idol.  A famous whispering stone?  an Oracle stone? (K. Switzer)


Portable art statue artifact with bearded/crowned person and decorated figure - Roman? Macedonian?  A mixture of cultures portrayed in the sculpture? (K. Switzer)


The Gryphon of North America - For the first time ever in North America, the legendary griffin appears on rock art. Which ancient culture brought it here?








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